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Project ideas by ChatGPT

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I've been thinking a lot about what kind of things I want to spend my energy on, what tools, software or services might be needed and what people will actually use. I've come up with a few ideas myself but I also asked ChatGPT:

Come up with software ideas that can be made with an open-source license to help the greater good and the betterment of the human race.

Yes, I realize how dramatic the question is, but I wanted to get dramatic answers from ChatGPT. Here are some of the ideas it came up with:

  1. Healthcare Management System: Develop an open-source software solution for managing patient records, appointments, and medical data, facilitating efficient healthcare delivery and improving patient care.
  2. Disaster Management Platform: Create an open-source platform that enables better coordination and communication during natural disasters, facilitating real-time information sharing, resource allocation, and emergency response planning.
  3. Sustainable Energy Monitoring: Build an open-source software tool that allows individuals and organizations to monitor and optimize their energy consumption, promoting energy efficiency and encouraging the use of renewable energy sources.
  4. Education Platform: Develop an open-source learning management system or educational platform that offers free access to quality educational resources, courses, and interactive tools, enabling lifelong learning for all.
  5. Civic Engagement App: Create an open-source mobile application that connects citizens with their local governments, enabling them to report issues, participate in community discussions, and collaborate on improving their neighbourhoods.
  6. Environmental Conservation Tracker: Build an open-source software solution that helps track and monitor environmental indicators such as air quality, water pollution, and deforestation, empowering individuals and organizations to take action for environmental preservation.
  7. Mental Health Support App: Develop an open-source mobile app that provides resources, tools, and access to mental health professionals, promoting mental well-being and reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues.
  8. Volunteer Management Platform: Create an open-source platform for managing volunteer programs and coordinating volunteers' efforts, facilitating efficient organization and engagement in social initiatives and community projects.
  9. Open Data Analysis Tool: Develop an open-source data analysis tool that allows users to explore, analyze, and visualize publicly available datasets, promoting transparency, accountability, and evidence-based decision-making.
  10. Food Waste Reduction App: Build an open-source mobile application that connects food establishments, charities, and individuals to redistribute surplus food, minimizing food waste and addressing hunger and food insecurity.

So, what do I take from all this? Well, first of all, a lot of the things ChatGPT points out are items that I believe need assistance. Mental health here in Iceland does need assistance, the waiting lists are long, and getting a diagnosis is hard, I know from experience that getting one for ADHD has been many years in the making and I’m still not done with it.

So I think that might be a starting point. But then there’s also the disaster angle, I already have a project in that area myself (see here) and I want to take it even further or just actually make it work at all. It’s been 3 years since I last looked at the thing and I think it might be high tide to check it out again.

The project

Well, the project in question is called “v0xb0x”. The play-on word here is that the o’s are zeros instead, meaning that this would work for someone without a voice. Vox in Latin is translated to “voice”. v0x is also a nick I used to use way back in the old days of IRC.

My plans for the project were always to make a ready-made script / ISO image to install a completely off-the-grid solution to manage filesharing, communication and more, whilst also making sure everything is encrypted and secure.

The world we live in is not stable, there is a lot of unrest and wars are going on in various places on the globe. So I think it might just be the correct project to work on for now.