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Developer, Hacker, Open-Source newbie

Hey! My name is Axel Rafn and I am a fourty something year old Icelandic man that has had the dream of doing good in the world for so long it's almost becoming a memory. So to keep that from happening I've decided to open up this webpage to help me keep the dream alive.

On this page your can find information about my projects as well as you can follow along with my blog to see what I'm working on each time.

This is home for my development alter ego and Open Source projects but I also have a personal blog.

My ambition

I simply want to make life better, easier and more fun for people. I want to make the world a better place.

The web apps and tools I want to create are and will be for the betterment of the human race and I want to make them available for everyone.

My skillset

Most of my skills are self-taught and I have been working as a developer for at least two decades. I have a degree in System Administration from NTV in Iceland.

Programming languages I have used throughout the years are:

Current stack: What I've worked in/with: